Andy in Training for improvement

After the 2012 season went down the drain for Andy Schleck, with the onset disappointment in the year 2013, it seems as though luck has gone cross with the cycling prodigy from Luxembourg.

The expectation of watching him at high levels is now almost part of the history and doubts are whether he has enough time to get there again. Quite obvious from this, that Schelck is in a bad shape right now. According to the president of the Luxembourg cycling federation, Andy Schleck is not well-trained these days and has perhaps not taken care of his performances since winter.

Meanwhile, Alberto Contador, Christopher Froome and Joaquin Rodriguez have been in the blaze of glory with their astounding performances and wins at the tours at the start of season 2013 because of so many competitors getting better each day Andy Schelck has really fallen behind and this has already become a matter of great concern.

Hence he has to go for training camp in Mallorca instead of getting to compete in the Tour Haut Var this weekend. By the time this year’s tour de France sets in, Andy Schelck can find him back in the position he was expected to be. Even Ardennes classics is due to start in two months.

The cycling career of Andy Schleck has been facing drought since last year’s April when he could not complete a single stage race.

The president said, “Andy has a powerful engine, but it needs to be used and tested to its limits. If a top athlete’s muscles don’t get used, they fall asleep.” The main reason for such a hard time for Schelck is that he had suffered a sacrum injury during the Critérium du Dauphiné last June and since then he has not been able to pull up. But Regenwetter is still hopeful that things will take a good turn.