Froome reveals fear of blisters

Chris Froome has always been in the news for his great achievements in cycling but this time it is something different. The former Tour de France winner was seen to have fearing blisters and was left to feel the burn after the full fledged training in South Africa.

This is the first time that such a thing has happened to him and his fiancée Michelle Cound says that it is due to his negligence that he is facing such consequences. She is of the opinion that Froome refused to apply enough sunscreen before going for practice and that has resulted in these blisters.

She also posted a picture of Froome’s back side which had become red. The picture was a proof of the temperature in which he has been training and his fiancée also said that if this continues then it would be difficult for him to participate in the championships.

The team members of Froome also saw and they said that the team kit must have had some problem. The mesh jersey of Team Sky has clearly not suited Froome although it was made keeping in mind the rider’s comfort. Mesh jerseys of Team Sky are known to keep the rider cool and feel minimum weight while riding even if it was the hottest day of the year.

However the plan has clearly backfired and Team Sky would have to come up with something better this time to make sure their riders are safe. The picture that was posted by Michelle Cound clearly shows the downside of his jersey. Froome will be defending the Tour de France championship this season but if the jerseys continue to be like this then it may become a challenge for him. The manager of the team has said that they will definitely look into the matter and will surely try to come up with a better jersey for Froome and also for the other riders.

Nails In Women’s Time Trial

Great news for the Jaime Nielsen fans. The beautiful Olympic track cyclist has won on women time trial at Christchurch road cycling.

The 28 year old rider finished the long 25 km racing course within 34 minutes and 28 seconds- being 28 seconds ahead of five time world champion Linda Villumsen.

It’s the 1st national road-riding tile for the Hamilton cyclist who was the runner-up in the Christchurch road racing for 3 years in a row. Jaime was 5 sec up on Linda at time-check on return but couldn’t believe it till her support team informed her.

“I felt they were kind of attempting to squeeze the tad bit extra from me”, said Nielsen.

Villumsen was deeply discontent with her Christchurch performance. The erstwhile world champion remarked that she was feeling off the game all through the race.

The men time trial at Christchurch, too, was full of surprise. The Christchurch road racing saw a young 22-year-old Taylor Gunman beating 2012 Oceania champ Sam Horgan. After Jo Cooper, the defending champion was ruled out with 3-time under-23 champ Michael Vink, due to injury & illness respectively, Horgan came up as pre-race favorite.

Interestingly he & Gunman showed identical timing during the middle part of the forty kilometer racing course – however, it was the Aucklander Gunman who proved to be stronger beating the Cantabrian Horgan by twelve seconds. The 22-year-old men time trial winner took 50 minutes & 42 seconds to complete the race.

Gunman was motivated by Cooper in the support car. “I simply wished to show what I an able to do. It was just like an inspiration when you have him in car”, said Gunman after winning the title.

In regards to under-23 men time trial, the title went to Fraser Gough.

Storck Scentron G2

Are you a road biker in quest of a superb bike off late? Well, when it comes to road bikes Storck is certainly one of the most sought after names and its latest Screnton G2 is one of the most impressive of all road bikes presently. The bike has already carved out a highly content user niche for itself which has acknowledged the Screnton G2 with an excellent 4.5 rating on 5 stars. Are you intrigued for further information on the Storck release? The post here is a brief discussion highlighting on the review of Storck Screnton G2.

According to the road bike experts, the 2013 Screnton G2 is a high caliber Storck release and most probably the ideal specimen of the “form following the function”. The latest version has come up with much advancement in design & technology. It is powered up with double fit cable-routing and proportional tubing to accommodate both mechanical and electrical gearing. There is concealed interior cable routing in support of brakes & gears & Press-Fit 86.5 full carbon BB shell specification confirms improved lateral stiffness & reduced weight. Then, you are getting a new-tuned monocoque which offers around 20 percent higher head-tube & lateral stiffness at bottom bracket sans adversely affecting handling or comfort quotient. The radical proportional tubing optimizes stiffness & minimizes the weight factor without any sacrilege to ride quality.

Besides, the Storck bike comes with a tapered and uniquely oversized head tube sports 1 1/8 inches upper & 1 ¼ inches lower diameter bearing that reduces the front-end lateral-flex. On the other hand, the Screnton’s too oversized chain & light seat stays along with closed brake tube-junction are stiffer laterally in comparison to competitor models which transforms every effort put into the forward motion. The Storck Screnton G2 is also backed by Stiletto 340 super-sized forks with steerer tapered tube that act pretty harmoniously with the bike’s greatly proportioned frame.

Life in cycling lane leaves

Sir Chris Hoy, the well known cycle rider, would be there for the anniversary run of National Lottery, in which fifteen thousand people will thump round the Olympic Park, their 5 mile path taking them to the velodrome, round Orbit Tower as well as finishing in stadium.

But, unlike his ex cycling partner Victoria Pendleton, Chris Hoy is not doing any running. He is the official starter of the event. His role limited to sounding the motor horn. And there is a very simple reason the most competitive of sporting beasts would not be taking part.

He explained that the story was he could not run. He has got a ‘gammy foot’ (which meant that if you had backed him to beat Pendleton on the betsports website you would be on a hiding to nothing!)

This was something that he found out this year, when he had retired from his career on a cycle. He told that after taking some jogs when he was on a holiday with his wife; he found that he was in pain. After coming home, he had an MRI scan that showed a genetic weakness in his foot.

He stated that he has got what is called Freiberg’s Disease. Since he has not run since he was a kid, he had not noticed that he has got this problem on his metatarsal.

He added that it is like a square peg in a round hole – it rubs as well as causes inflammation. All they could do to fix it is to break the bone, twist it round so that it fits well.

Chris Horner wins Queen Stage

Chris Horner who is with the RadioShack Leopard won the queen stage , which took the leaders jersey in the Tour of Utah. According to Horner, he had a tough ride with George, Danielson and Acevedo. It was indeed a tough ride to get through this competition, with tough competitors on the track. It was Horner and Danielson that was hand on hand and the last 1 km was the most crucial. The last 500 m was when Horner shot around to his right and took to the lead and won the race.

It was tough having three great guys behind you, but at times you need to make a decision is what Horner said after the race. Horner won the jersey , though Danielson and Eijssen were right behind at the second and third positions respectively. Horner is one of the elder statesmen of US racing and has served as a top domestique to several riders including Cadel Evans.

For the Tour of Utah, he arrived for training just three weeks prior as his legs and knee issues were being resolved then only, wherein he had to undergo a surgery to get them repaired. He skipped the USA Pro challenge and was battling for the victory in the tune up race. He underwent great training on a day to day basis so that it did not have extra effort on his knee and this persistent training led him to his dream of winning the Tour of Utah race and the jersey to all by himself.

Even at the Vuelta a Espana, Horner rode to the pole position for the leader’s jersey. Though it was tough, there were instances were the jersey were also won by fellow mates on the other stage days. No matter what, Horner is a tough competitor at this age of his.

Latest Court Decision in Operation Puerto

The case of Operation Puerto took a new turn when the Spanish Court of Madrid passed a decision of destroying all the evidence and bags of blood that were used in the case. This has offended all the International anti-doping agencies and sports authorities and impelled them to raise their voice against the decision. The destruction of the blood bags would mean that they will not be available for testing. This will also eradicate the chances of finding out any association of the blood bags with any sportsman. World Anti-Doping Agency has already confirmed that they will file an appeal against the decision at a Spanish Criminal Court. The head of US Anti-doping agency also expressed his displeasure at the decision and called it as an “obvious setback”.

Various other sports authorities including the UCI, Spanish Prosecutor and Italian Olympic Committee have also joined hands with Wada to support the appeal. After the scandal of Lance Amstrong the authorities do not want to take any kind of chance again. Police had recovered these bags with plasma and frozen blood from the office of Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes. He used to provide services of doping to different sportsmen and run the doping ring. Not only cycling, he was earlier associated with tennis, soccer, athletics and boxing.

Eufemiano Fuentes was a former sportsman involved in athletics. In 1980 he stepped into the field of sports medicine and worked for field and track athletics in Spain. He entered the world of cycling in 1992 and worked with Spanish top teams like ONCE and Kelme. He was found involved in cycling scandal in 2005 and had to retire. In 2006, police got hold of 211 bags filled with frozen blood and plasma in a raid conducted at the office of Fuentes. The doctor finally got suspended for one year because he put the health of public in danger. The decision of this sentence was given on April 30, 2013.

Politician says he met drunk Schleck in a hotel

RadioShack-Leopard’s Andy Schleck’s problems with the bike have already been documented and reported extensively in the past and the most recent one was Schleck’s withdrawal during the Tirreno-Adriatico.

In 2012, Schleck, the winner of 2010’s Tour de France, following a crash fractured his pelvis and was forced to sit out of world renowned event and he also missed the remaining season. In 2013, Schleck started in three races and has been able to complete only one of them. Luca Guercilena, Schleck’s team manager, while talking to the media, said that he hoped Schleck will seek psychological help for the issues that had stemmed from the crash that he suffered last year.

A politician from France, Pierre-Yves Leborgn, who is a well known for his love for Ardennes Classics , which he attends regularly, has said that he saw Schleck at a Munich airport hotel following his withdrawal from the Tirreno-Adriatico and he was drunk.

Talking about his encounter with the cyclist on his Facebook page, Pierre-Yves Leborgn said that he saw a guy trying to press the elevator buttons at the hotel and failing to do so. The politician said that he was able to recognize Schleck. Schleck the rider was still wearing his team jacket.

Leborgn said that he had an impression, that of witnessing a young drunk lad adrift and all by himself at night. Leborgn, later, helped Schleck and ensured that the rider reached his floor safely.

The politician’s post on Facebook resulted in all sorts of reaction and he later said that he was sorry for making the incident public.

Leborgn said, I sincerely apologize, especially to Andy Schleck. He went on to say that he had great respect and admiration for Schleck and Schleck’s riding career, especially his performance at the Tour de France and Ardennes, has enthralled excited him for many years.

Pro Cycling Challenge To Pass Through Estes park

With the prospective of becoming one among the grandest events to swoop into town ever, US Pro Cycling Challenge 2013 has reportedly announced to whiz through the Estes Park this August. The high profile bicycle race is scheduled to start from 19th of August, 2013, in Colorado.

As per the sources, the US Pro Cycling Tour would be starting off from Aspen and then would wheel into Estes Park at its penultimate level on 24th August, 2013. A prelim map has shown how the tour route climbs up to Glen Haven & then takes to Stanley Hotel prior to its plunge back down to Thompson Canyon.

According to the statement of Frank Lancaster, the Town Administrator, Estes Park has entered into the intergovernmental agreements along with some other communities. He is hopeful that the event would be highly exciting and that it carries the potential of being tagged as one among the grandest events ever hosted by the town. Lancaster even touted the Pro challenge tour as 2nd only to Tour de France, in consideration of attendance.

“We are into something different. We have come together with Fort Collins and Larimer County to provide the tour with one whole package, which it never ever had before”, stated Lancaster. He further stressed that the new concept has been loved by tour officials.

The US Pro Cycling Challenge would be proceeding from Ranch and then would pass on to 34, Glen Haven, Devil’s Gulch &Wonderview- through center of the Estes Park , Elkhorn, Murray’s Lake Highway 7-34/36, Masonville and finally to Fort Collins. The tour would be passing through Estes Park on the 6th day of the championship, prior to its finish lap in Denver.

The tour would be broadcasted live in around 124 countries.
Playing host for the latest USA 2013 Pro Cycling Tour could be an opportunity for huge income and broad global exposure for the Northern Colorado.

Andy in Training for improvement

After the 2012 season went down the drain for Andy Schleck, with the onset disappointment in the year 2013, it seems as though luck has gone cross with the cycling prodigy from Luxembourg.

The expectation of watching him at high levels is now almost part of the history and doubts are whether he has enough time to get there again. Quite obvious from this, that Schelck is in a bad shape right now. According to the president of the Luxembourg cycling federation, Andy Schleck is not well-trained these days and has perhaps not taken care of his performances since winter.

Meanwhile, Alberto Contador, Christopher Froome and Joaquin Rodriguez have been in the blaze of glory with their astounding performances and wins at the tours at the start of season 2013 because of so many competitors getting better each day Andy Schelck has really fallen behind and this has already become a matter of great concern.

Hence he has to go for training camp in Mallorca instead of getting to compete in the Tour Haut Var this weekend. By the time this year’s tour de France sets in, Andy Schelck can find him back in the position he was expected to be. Even Ardennes classics is due to start in two months.

The cycling career of Andy Schleck has been facing drought since last year’s April when he could not complete a single stage race.

The president said, “Andy has a powerful engine, but it needs to be used and tested to its limits. If a top athlete’s muscles don’t get used, they fall asleep.” The main reason for such a hard time for Schelck is that he had suffered a sacrum injury during the Critérium du Dauphiné last June and since then he has not been able to pull up. But Regenwetter is still hopeful that things will take a good turn.

Alberto Contador wants more Dope tests

Although Alberto Contador had complained that Lance Armstrong had been able to dodge through the dope tests to fulfill his ambitions of the titles while many others were caught up, at times he feels that USADA has been a bit too harsh on the cyclist ace. This is what he had to say, “He is being humiliated and lynched, in my opinion. He is being destroyed.

At certain times and places Lance is not being treated with any respect.” He had raced alongside Armstrong and strongly feels that Lance Armstrong was not among those who will not be able to paddle an inch without a dope. He had materials in him and he was the one behind popularizing cycle race in USA and his contribution cannot be paralleled. He has also criticized USADA’s reports reliance that had testimonies from Lance’s former team mates and officials trying to mean that all of them may not be true. He advocates more new tests to be done by USADA and not just go on squeezing the lemon about Lance and demeaning him in every way possible.

As is known from past records, Alberto Contador was also held for testing positive for clenbuterol after the 2010 victory and was shoved aside for two years. Before that, he has had his best time winning Tours in 2007, and 2009. So he can well understand the pain Lance is going through. He also has the British cyclist Roger Hammond by his side to speak for the ‘unnecessary’ injustice and humiliation being imposed on Armstrong.

Alberto Contador has made his comeback with style at the Vuelta a Espana this year that has made him the favorite for the 100th edition of the Tour de France in the year 2013.