Cadel Evans Enjoying Retired Life

The 2011 Tour De France winner Cadel Evans had hung his boots in 2014.

He is very happy with is retired life and is seen at many of the popular racing events all over the world. He was doubtful as to how his time away from the racing circuits and the cycle would be. But, to his surprise, he has found the retired life to be interesting and satisfying. He has nothing to complain and he is still enjoying his transition to the new phase of his life.

Evans says that he has more time now to see and feel everything happening around him. He has the time to appreciate a lot of things and also enjoys life more than he used to when he was racing. As a rider, one has to be seriously involved in the training program and recovery and there is no time to see and hear other things happening around.

He says that as a rider, one is always being watched in each and every race and there is constantly judging about the rider every race. In order to be a professional rider, one has to sacrifice a lot of things in life and to turn down a lot of invites.

Evans says that he is now going all out accepting initiations to various events and is happy to see the things happening all around him.

He is very happy to be organizing the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road race. He loves going on his bike and still does a lot of miles on his bike. Evans is fit and very active. What gives him a lot of satisfaction and happiness is being with adopted Ethiopian son Robel. What gives him great pleasure is to boost the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race worldwide and is taking great care in promoting the women’s cycling event.