Chris Horner wins Queen Stage

Chris Horner who is with the RadioShack Leopard won the queen stage , which took the leaders jersey in the Tour of Utah. According to Horner, he had a tough ride with George, Danielson and Acevedo. It was indeed a tough ride to get through this competition, with tough competitors on the track. It was Horner and Danielson that was hand on hand and the last 1 km was the most crucial. The last 500 m was when Horner shot around to his right and took to the lead and won the race.

It was tough having three great guys behind you, but at times you need to make a decision is what Horner said after the race. Horner won the jersey , though Danielson and Eijssen were right behind at the second and third positions respectively. Horner is one of the elder statesmen of US racing and has served as a top domestique to several riders including Cadel Evans.

For the Tour of Utah, he arrived for training just three weeks prior as his legs and knee issues were being resolved then only, wherein he had to undergo a surgery to get them repaired. He skipped the USA Pro challenge and was battling for the victory in the tune up race. He underwent great training on a day to day basis so that it did not have extra effort on his knee and this persistent training led him to his dream of winning the Tour of Utah race and the jersey to all by himself.

Even at the Vuelta a Espana, Horner rode to the pole position for the leader’s jersey. Though it was tough, there were instances were the jersey were also won by fellow mates on the other stage days. No matter what, Horner is a tough competitor at this age of his.