Contador was rushing at 76.8kph in Tour France

The 2014 Tour France would not only be remembered because of the dramatic win by Italian star Nibali but also because of the crashing accidents that compelled some of the most elite riders to pull out from the 101st edition of the world’s most prestigious cycling event.
Among the favorites who had to withdraw from Tour France this year, one was the iconic Alberto Contador. Contador was a winning choice all through but it’s his devastating crash that forced him to quit with a badly injured knee. The star had recently shared about his enormous speed that led him to the disappointing crash at Tour France last July.
According to the sources, Contador was rushing at precisely 76.8 kph pace while he tumbled down at Tour France. The crash happened o July 14th when the competition was in its 10th stage, amidst torrential rain in Vosges mountains.
“20 days post my crash at the Tour France, I downloaded my file and discovered the precise speed of my accident. 78.8 kmph!”, the Spaniard tweeted. The fall occurred when Alberto was peddling on descent from the Petit Ballon- one of the Category I climb.
Unfortunately, Cotador won’t be able to play for quite some time now. Much to his disappointment, he is not allowed to take part in Vuelta Espana as well. The Spaniard was the celebrated champion of Tour France I both 2007 & 2009. He was however, stripped off his 2010 Tour France title on the charge of doping.
Apart from this 31-year-old Spaniard another name that had to withdraw from Tour France this year was Chris Froome. The 2013 Tour France champion Crashed out while riding on cobbles amidst huge rain – the cobbles were one of the newly introduced challenges for the Tour France riders this year.