Cycling team ready for Tour of Colombia

The national cycling squad has been invited to Vuelta a Colombia (also known as Tour of Colombia),this year, slated for 13th to 26th June. Rwanda Cycling Federation president Aimable Bayingana confirmed the news.

Rated among world’s oldest cycling events, Tour of Colombia is in 2.2 UCI category, like Tour du Rwanda. The event is arranged by Colombian Cycling Federation and its very first edition took place in 1951. t times, the contest extends to few parts of Ecuador and Venezuela.

Rwanda would make their debut at the sixty-sixth edition of the annual event, but Team Rwanda has earlier taken part in Tour of Rio in Brazil. On Monday, in a telephone interview, Bayingana told that the invitation is a great scope for Team Rwanda to make some inportant strides.

Before going to Tour of Colombia, Team Rwanda would compete in Tour of Eritrea that is scheduled for 19th to 23rd April, and Tour of Rio in Brazil. Previous year, Janvier Haji was the only rider from Rwanda at Tour of Rio.

Efrain Forero Trivino of Colombia was the winner of the 1st edition in the year 1951; Colombia’s Rafael Antonia Nino has the most victories when Spaniard Oscar Sevilla is the defending champ.

Like Eritrea in Africa and Italy in Europe, Colombia is known for producing world class cycle riders such as Nairo Quintana who is No 9 in UCI World rankings. Team Rwanda, this year, has been to several international events, such as La Tropicale Amissa Bongo in February in Gabon, Tour du Cameroun in March and Grand Cycling Tour of Algeria from March 4 to 28 and African Continental Road Championship in February in Morocco.