Joanna Rowsell Is Hoping Big For UCI Track Cycling World Cup

Rowsell is a believer of strength in depth. The strength in a great depth has given the Women’s team a huge deal of success and improved the pursuit of the team.

She said that the squad has given them so much competition that they could never feel unsatisfied. She said that it is very tough to get through the selection process and the internal pressure on them is the sole reason behind their win every time and the success they have seen in the recent times.

Roswell also said that she feels very excited to be racing on the London veldrome after the London 2012 race last time. He feels that this time it is going to be a huge thing even if it is not the same as the World Championships. It is going to feel the same to her. The noise that comes from it is just phenomenal and she is very excited to experience it all over again.

Trott went into record saying that she has performed a few times in the veldrome after 2012 but it still feels just the same to be back inside. The feeling of having butterflies in the stomach doesn’t go away once you enter the veldrome.

She is supposed to race the omnium as per the new format in order to follow the commitments towards her team in London. She won the Revolution event on the same tracks beating Marianne Vos, the Dutch champion and the Europeans last October.

Trot said that she likes to think that they have the capability to win the Team pursuit. He hopes that her performance improves and she can get what she deserves.