Latest Court Decision in Operation Puerto

The case of Operation Puerto took a new turn when the Spanish Court of Madrid passed a decision of destroying all the evidence and bags of blood that were used in the case. This has offended all the International anti-doping agencies and sports authorities and impelled them to raise their voice against the decision. The destruction of the blood bags would mean that they will not be available for testing. This will also eradicate the chances of finding out any association of the blood bags with any sportsman. World Anti-Doping Agency has already confirmed that they will file an appeal against the decision at a Spanish Criminal Court. The head of US Anti-doping agency also expressed his displeasure at the decision and called it as an “obvious setback”.

Various other sports authorities including the UCI, Spanish Prosecutor and Italian Olympic Committee have also joined hands with Wada to support the appeal. After the scandal of Lance Amstrong the authorities do not want to take any kind of chance again. Police had recovered these bags with plasma and frozen blood from the office of Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes. He used to provide services of doping to different sportsmen and run the doping ring. Not only cycling, he was earlier associated with tennis, soccer, athletics and boxing.

Eufemiano Fuentes was a former sportsman involved in athletics. In 1980 he stepped into the field of sports medicine and worked for field and track athletics in Spain. He entered the world of cycling in 1992 and worked with Spanish top teams like ONCE and Kelme. He was found involved in cycling scandal in 2005 and had to retire. In 2006, police got hold of 211 bags filled with frozen blood and plasma in a raid conducted at the office of Fuentes. The doctor finally got suspended for one year because he put the health of public in danger. The decision of this sentence was given on April 30, 2013.