Life in cycling lane leaves

Sir Chris Hoy, the well known cycle rider, would be there for the anniversary run of National Lottery, in which fifteen thousand people will thump round the Olympic Park, their 5 mile path taking them to the velodrome, round Orbit Tower as well as finishing in stadium.

But, unlike his ex cycling partner Victoria Pendleton, Chris Hoy is not doing any running. He is the official starter of the event. His role limited to sounding the motor horn. And there is a very simple reason the most competitive of sporting beasts would not be taking part.

He explained that the story was he could not run. He has got a ‘gammy foot’ (which meant that if you had backed him to beat Pendleton on the betsports website you would be on a hiding to nothing!)

This was something that he found out this year, when he had retired from his career on a cycle. He told that after taking some jogs when he was on a holiday with his wife; he found that he was in pain. After coming home, he had an MRI scan that showed a genetic weakness in his foot.

He stated that he has got what is called Freiberg’s Disease. Since he has not run since he was a kid, he had not noticed that he has got this problem on his metatarsal.

He added that it is like a square peg in a round hole – it rubs as well as causes inflammation. All they could do to fix it is to break the bone, twist it round so that it fits well.