The female cycling star has expressed her feelings on the direction of women in the sport of cycling.

No doubt, women cycling have garnered quite a lot of attention over the years and it is quite apparent that many people are interested to see the way it grows in upcoming years.

Ashley Moolman-Pasio seems to be at the front line for the struggle for gender equality in the sport as she is very passionate about moving women cycling to the next level. She said that in the past two years, women cycling has witnessed a steady growth and has followed an upward trend.

Ashley has admitted that with the strength and achievement of women in the sport improving with each coming year, the exposure and interest of people seems to have grown in leaps and bounds. This is true seeing as the excitement and standard of women racing has built up and is continuously lifting with every race.

However, Pasio pointed out that though there has been a lot of positive improvement for women in the sport, there is still quite a lot of challenges that are yet to be faced if women cycling are to have any meaningful future. She said that the while everything else seemed to be changing for the better, the attitude of those in influential positions have remained the same, she added that this is not exclusive to the influencers alone as even the attitude of the women who are riding in the peloton has remained unchanged.

Having been brought up in a family where gender equality was the norm and not the exception, Ashley is very passionate about fighting the good fight.

She stated that “for the existing culture of cycling to change in order to embrace women cyclists, the core dynamics that define who we are, as women, and how we relate to each other needs to be evolved.”

She added that while men and women may now be regarded as ‘equals’ in social settings, most women are still conditioned to compete with each other for male protection and attention.