Nicole Cooke Criticizes Drug Cheats In Cycling’

Erstwhile Olympic gold champ Cooke (Nicole) has criticized drug cheats in cycling lately post her recent retirement.

The Swansea-born female riding ace was crowned as the road race Olympic champ in Beijing in 2008. She has also accomplished gold at Commonwealth 2002 & World Championships 2008. She stressed on having a happy, successful & drug-free cycling career but has denounced riders like Armstrong (Lance) who were suspended for doping.
“I am really glad with my cycling career”, stated Cooke. “I have got so many happy memories here since the age of 12. I have been able to win every race & more that could dream of winning. I am really extremely fortunate that I have been able to come up clean. I was robbed by many drug cheats yet I am glad that I could be here where I am today with more feats in the basket than my 12-year-old self could dream of.”

“However, there are many genuine rider, who have been really clean, riders with morals & many of them had to retire from cycling with nothing even after tremendous hard work throughout their life.

Armstrong was infamously ripped off his 7 tour France titles last year following his open confession of banned performance-enhancing drug consumption at a famous chat show hosted by Oprah Winfrey. The American has usually denied any instance of doping earlier but came up with all his secrets at the popular chat show.

However, Armstrong’s tears at the show could not sway Cooke and she has also criticized the once-legendary rider.

“When Armstrong cried at the show, Winfrey passed on a tissue to him.Just think about all those genuine riders who had to walk away sans any reward”, Cooke added in.
“Tyler (another rider suspended for doping) would make more cash from the book elaborating how he actually cheated in comparison what I would make throughout my career with honest labor.”