Politician says he met drunk Schleck in a hotel

RadioShack-Leopard’s Andy Schleck’s problems with the bike have already been documented and reported extensively in the past and the most recent one was Schleck’s withdrawal during the Tirreno-Adriatico.

In 2012, Schleck, the winner of 2010’s Tour de France, following a crash fractured his pelvis and was forced to sit out of world renowned event and he also missed the remaining season. In 2013, Schleck started in three races and has been able to complete only one of them. Luca Guercilena, Schleck’s team manager, while talking to the media, said that he hoped Schleck will seek psychological help for the issues that had stemmed from the crash that he suffered last year.

A politician from France, Pierre-Yves Leborgn, who is a well known for his love for Ardennes Classics , which he attends regularly, has said that he saw Schleck at a Munich airport hotel following his withdrawal from the Tirreno-Adriatico and he was drunk.

Talking about his encounter with the cyclist on his Facebook page, Pierre-Yves Leborgn said that he saw a guy trying to press the elevator buttons at the hotel and failing to do so. The politician said that he was able to recognize Schleck. Schleck the rider was still wearing his team jacket.

Leborgn said that he had an impression, that of witnessing a young drunk lad adrift and all by himself at night. Leborgn, later, helped Schleck and ensured that the rider reached his floor safely.

The politician’s post on Facebook resulted in all sorts of reaction and he later said that he was sorry for making the incident public.

Leborgn said, I sincerely apologize, especially to Andy Schleck. He went on to say that he had great respect and admiration for Schleck and Schleck’s riding career, especially his performance at the Tour de France and Ardennes, has enthralled excited him for many years.