Pro Cycling Challenge To Pass Through Estes park

With the prospective of becoming one among the grandest events to swoop into town ever, US Pro Cycling Challenge 2013 has reportedly announced to whiz through the Estes Park this August. The high profile bicycle race is scheduled to start from 19th of August, 2013, in Colorado.

As per the sources, the US Pro Cycling Tour would be starting off from Aspen and then would wheel into Estes Park at its penultimate level on 24th August, 2013. A prelim map has shown how the tour route climbs up to Glen Haven & then takes to Stanley Hotel prior to its plunge back down to Thompson Canyon.

According to the statement of Frank Lancaster, the Town Administrator, Estes Park has entered into the intergovernmental agreements along with some other communities. He is hopeful that the event would be highly exciting and that it carries the potential of being tagged as one among the grandest events ever hosted by the town. Lancaster even touted the Pro challenge tour as 2nd only to Tour de France, in consideration of attendance.

“We are into something different. We have come together with Fort Collins and Larimer County to provide the tour with one whole package, which it never ever had before”, stated Lancaster. He further stressed that the new concept has been loved by tour officials.

The US Pro Cycling Challenge would be proceeding from Ranch and then would pass on to 34, Glen Haven, Devil’s Gulch &Wonderview- through center of the Estes Park , Elkhorn, Murray’s Lake Highway 7-34/36, Masonville and finally to Fort Collins. The tour would be passing through Estes Park on the 6th day of the championship, prior to its finish lap in Denver.

The tour would be broadcasted live in around 124 countries.
Playing host for the latest USA 2013 Pro Cycling Tour could be an opportunity for huge income and broad global exposure for the Northern Colorado.