Problems Being Faced On The Road Of Montreal

The roads and tracks where the cyclists have to make their way is becoming worse day by day.

There have comments such as that people who designed the path where Mile end meets Rosemont did not even know or understand bicycles. They have claimed that it was a bad design and made no sense whatsoever. This path was designed with an intention to be a part of the new network of cycling that would eventually run along tracks in the area and from the middle of the city. The path however has dedicated too much space to cyclists and pedestrians.

There is an underpass in the path for the bikers which they have said are not safe at all. The reason being given is that the cyclists that are heading toward north have to take a forced wide turn around a sidewalk. This turn just you out in the road on the south side and again bound them to take an L-shaped turn to get back on the path to ride. There is not even a straight path after that where the cyclists can continue making the path really short and uncomfortable for the riders.
Zve from Montreal Bike Coalition has stated that the path will soon be a mess once the weather gets better and more and more people start to use it. The design was made with an assumption that the path will be accessed from Clark Ave but actually most of them will be accessing it from St-Lauret.

There have been meeting with cyclists to talk about such problems that have been bothering them and Aref Salem the executive member in charge of transportation of the Montreal city has promised to give better sign boards and marks the lanes once the spring warmth comes in. Zve is disappointed with fact that the city cannot understand cyclists’ needs even though it is mature enough to do the same.