Some Pointers

Before you start a tour, it’s maybe good to know some few things :

– Berlin is a great city for bicycle as it is very flat BUT… there are a lot of cobblestones. Although we choose a route to avoid them as much as possible, we will ride on them sometimes, which is not so confortable!
– There are no bicycle paths everywhere.
– There is a lot of broken glas on the ground. Watch out for your tires!

Please be aware that everyone is responsible for him- or herself, everyone is supposed to respect the traffic law. Of course, the guide will wait for the whole group after a red light, don’t panic!!!

About the weather : let’s hope the summer will be nice this year! But, anyway, the tour is taking place, even under the rain. In this case, we can adapt it and spend more time inside.

And, last thing we want to tell you : the guides are not English native speakers. So please be tolerant!

Well… if you still want to make the tour… let’s go for it!