Storck Scentron G2

Are you a road biker in quest of a superb bike off late? Well, when it comes to road bikes Storck is certainly one of the most sought after names and its latest Screnton G2 is one of the most impressive of all road bikes presently. The bike has already carved out a highly content user niche for itself which has acknowledged the Screnton G2 with an excellent 4.5 rating on 5 stars. Are you intrigued for further information on the Storck release? The post here is a brief discussion highlighting on the review of Storck Screnton G2.

According to the road bike experts, the 2013 Screnton G2 is a high caliber Storck release and most probably the ideal specimen of the “form following the function”. The latest version has come up with much advancement in design & technology. It is powered up with double fit cable-routing and proportional tubing to accommodate both mechanical and electrical gearing. There is concealed interior cable routing in support of brakes & gears & Press-Fit 86.5 full carbon BB shell specification confirms improved lateral stiffness & reduced weight. Then, you are getting a new-tuned monocoque which offers around 20 percent higher head-tube & lateral stiffness at bottom bracket sans adversely affecting handling or comfort quotient. The radical proportional tubing optimizes stiffness & minimizes the weight factor without any sacrilege to ride quality.

Besides, the Storck bike comes with a tapered and uniquely oversized head tube sports 1 1/8 inches upper & 1 ¼ inches lower diameter bearing that reduces the front-end lateral-flex. On the other hand, the Screnton’s too oversized chain & light seat stays along with closed brake tube-junction are stiffer laterally in comparison to competitor models which transforms every effort put into the forward motion. The Storck Screnton G2 is also backed by Stiletto 340 super-sized forks with steerer tapered tube that act pretty harmoniously with the bike’s greatly proportioned frame.